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COVID-19 Education Study (CCS-2)

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Are you an Ontario teacher or education worker affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?


Sinai Health is seeking research participants for a large, remote, epidemiological study on the impacts of COVID-19 on frontline elementary and secondary education workers in Ontario.

What is the purpose of the study?

To determine how many people working in the elementary and secondary schools in Ontario develop COVID-19 infection and the risk factors for infection; describe detecting cases of asymptomatic or undiagnosed COVID, response to vaccines, and how much antibody levels drop over time; depict the incidence of re-infection, the uptake of vaccines against COVID-19, and the changes in levels of distress over time of working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who can join?

Teachers and other school personnel who
    • Are 18 to 74 years of age
    • Work anywhere in the Ontario education system for 8 or more hours per week on average
    • Plan to be available for at least 3 months (not retiring or going on leave)
    • Do not have a bleeding disorder, have not had chemotherapy in the past 4 weeks, and have not had a bilateral mastectomy

People are welcome to join whether or not they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

What is being studied?

    • Number and rate of COVID-19 infection
    • Risk factors for infection
    • Detecting cases of asymptomatic or undiagnosed COVID, response to vaccines, and how much antibody levels drop over time
    • Impact of vaccines against COVID-19
    • Changes in levels of distress over time of working during a pandemic

What is asked of you?

    • Questionnaires when you join and every second week throughout the year-long study
    • Report when you are tested for COVID-19
    • Report when you are vaccinated against COVID-19
    • Self-collect blood spot samples 5 or more times throughout the year

Blood samples are a very important part of the study as it allows researchers to assess whether you have antibodies indicating that you have been infected in the past, you have responded to a vaccine, and whether you are infected in the future (NOTE that you will receive the results of these tests

Join the study

Additional information

Your data will be kept confidential.  Participation is voluntary.  Participants will be provided with a small token of appreciation for taking part.  You do not need to use the internet to join our study, you can call the office to answer the questionnaires at (437) 833-1745.
The study is federally funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and is being conducted by researchers from Mount Sinai and the University of Toronto.

If you have questions, call (437) 833-1745 or, if long distance charges apply, 1-888-307-3357 (8 a.m. – 6 p.m. weekdays) for more information - or email

Study investigators

Drs. Brenda Coleman, Allison McGeer, & Robert Maunder (Mount Sinai Hospital & University of Toronto)
Dr. Sharon Straus (Unity Health & University of Toronto)
Dr. Susan Bondy (University of Toronto)