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COVID-19 study in teachers & education workers (CCS-2)

Study of the epidemiology of COVID-19 in teachers and education workers in elementary and secondary schools in Ontario (CCS-2)

Join a research study about COVID-19 for Ontario teachers & other education workers

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Who can join?
Teachers & education workers
    • who are 18-74 years of age
    • work anywhere in the Ontario public education system - for 8 or more hours per week - on average
    • not planning to retire, take parental leave, etc. for at least 3 months
    • who do not have a bleeding disorder, have not had chemotherapy in the past 4 weeks, and have not had a bilateral mastectomy

What is being studied?
    • Number & rate of COVID-19 infection
    • Risk factors for infection
    • Antibody levels over time
    • Impact of vaccines against COVID-19
    • Psychological impact of working during a pandemic

What is asked of you?
    • Questionnaires when you join and every second week throughout the year-long study
    • Report when you are tested for COVID-19
    • Report when you are vaccinated against COVID-19 
    • Self-collect blood spot samples 5 or more times throughout the year

Participation is voluntary.

Participants will be provided with a small token of appreciation for taking part.

People are welcome to join whether or not they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

You do not need to use the internet to join our study.

If you have questions, call (416) 294-6383 or, if long distance charges apply, 1-888-307-3357 (8 AM – 6 PM weekdays) for more information - or email

Study investigators:
Drs. Brenda Coleman, Allison McGeer, & Robert Maunder (Mount Sinai Hospital & University of Toronto)
Dr. Sharon Straus (Unity Health & University of Toronto)
Dr. Susan Bondy (University of Toronto)

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Information Sheet and Consent Form