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Education Days

As you may know, yesterday Ontario identified the first case of COVID-19 which appears to have been acquired in the community in Toronto. 

While we had been hoping that we could maintain as close to a normal life as possible, TIBDN agrees that non-essential large group gatherings of healthcare workers should be cancelled. 

We are thus cancelling the in-person segment of tomorrow’s (March 12, 2020) TIBDN education day. (As you may know, a number of hospitals have cancelled large group meetings as of today, and we are expecting that others will follow in the next few days).  

We thought the people would be most interested in the COVID-19 talks, so we have asked Dr. Eric Coomes and Dr. Rob Kozak to present for those who wish to listen/watch by OTN and webcast.

Dr. Coomes will start with an overview at 09:00 (“Update on COVID-19”) and Dr. Kozak will then present at 09:45 (Will we have a vaccine for COVID-19”).

Here’s the OTN link for the webcast.

With thanks for your interest in TIBDN, and apologies for the last minute cancellation.

Allison and Virgie

Thank you to all TIBDN collaborating institutions, laboratories and contributors!

Many thanks to our sponsors:

Fall Education Day: November 21, 2019

TIBDN Education Day on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019 at the Mount Sinai Hospital Auditorium